That’s what you want, isn’t it… to become THE CHOSEN ONE in your job search?

It’s a wonderful time to seek a new, better job or to consider making that career change you have been thinking about for years. The economy is booming and likely to get better, unemployment is at historic lows, wages and salaries are rising for the first time in years. Time to get in the game.

But, as wages and salaries rise, so do standards and expectations. Don’t blow your big opportunity due to lack of preparation. Being the Chosen One requires work.

It’s not just a resume/CV and a cover letter that you need to think about. Before you even start working on your resume, you need to sit down and do some serious thought and reflection. So do you know how to:

  • Define and articulate a Personal Marketability Concept that concisely captures your skill set and accomplishments? This is fundamental to guiding the development of your resume/CV and responding to the tough interview questions that you will surely face?
  • Develop supporting Proof Elements, quantifiable/verifiable achievements that support each element in your Personal Marketability Concept, that provide the backbone of your support in response to those drilldown, “can you give me an example of that” type questions?
  • Distill your Personal Marketability Concept into a Self-Positioning statement, your personal “elevator pitch” to adorn your resume/CV and to introduce yourself to recruiters (internal and external) and interviewers… also great in your networking efforts?
  • Translate your Personal Marketability Concept and Self-Positioning statement into the core of a Referral Guide to use with your friends, mentors, colleagues, etc. to help ensure that your references are consistent, coherent, well-documented, and impactful?

That’s why I developed the Winning Your Next Job system, a compilation of my years of experience in developing and advancing my career.

It’s not free, but why should it be? Think about what a boost in salary, bonus, benefits, or stock options/profit sharing would be worth to you. You’d pay out the small investment you make in my system in days, maybe even hours.

Take a look and if you have questions or comments, you can reach me using the Contact form on this site.

Good luck,