“Winning Your Next Job” System

This is a conceptual overview of the Winning Your Next Job system. You can buy by clicking on one of the embedded buttons or you can go to our Products page to purchase. Buy now and get a 50% introductory discount.

While it is far from rocket science, it is a methodology that requires an investment of time, self-assessment, introspection, and multiple iterations. I strongly urge you to follow the process “religiously” and not cut corners. The difference between doing this fast versus doing it well will manifest itself in those critical interview moments when your ideal next job is so close that you can almost taste it… you just need to address those last few critical questions that will make you “the Chosen One”.

The process is as follows (appendices refer to elements of the downloadable system):

    • Where am I today? This is a clear delineation of what you have (or had) in hand in your current or prior job including both tangible benefits and the intangibles that play such an important role in job satisfaction, job fit, etc.
      • Appendix One: Current Comp-Cash/Equivalent/Benefits
      • Appendix Two: Current Comp-Intangibles
    • Who am I? Essentially, this is a self-inventory of who you are on personality, style, and character parameters. This probably sounds foolish to you but work through it seriously and take it to heart. It is a huge error (trust me, I have made this mistake) to take a job that has all your desired criteria but in an organization that is just not a fit for who and what you are.
      • Appendix Three: Personality/Style/Character Assessment
    • What am I looking for in my next job? Use this to prioritize all the key factors in a new role including both tangible and intangible elements of your ideal next job. No bullshit at this point, be realistic and think this through. This assessment, along with the “Who am I?” analysis, will prepare you to better evaluate the inevitable compromises you will face in making a job choice. I can tell you honestly that no one, no one, ever gets their perfect job that matches all your criteria. You will make trade-offs and that is to be expected. Be prepared and realistic about those compromises by insuring that you have fully thought through what is really important to you.
      • Appendix Four: Desired Comp-Cash/Equivalent/Benefits
      • Appendix Five: Desired Comp-Intangibles
    • What am I “selling” to a potential employer? This is where we build your marketability concept. Don’t start your resume /CV until you have both your marketability concept and your self-positioning fully fleshed out, reflected upon, and ready to go. If you do it in any other sequence, you will either waste time or simply write garbage that you are not comfortable selling/supporting to a potential employer (or a recruiter). This is an iterative process that needs to be seriously addressed and then set aside to pick up again after some R&R… maybe a good glass of wine if you are a drinker or a great coffee, tea, or whatever floats your boat and stimulates your brain cells. DO NOT CHEAT ON THIS PHASE. PLEASE, for your sake, invest the time necessary.
      • Appendix Six: 15 Top Marketability Elements
      • Appendix Seven: 4-5 Top Marketability Concepts/Proof Statements
    • How do I communicate my proposition in the most clear, most impactful fashion? Here we take your marketability concept and the associated proof elements and distill them into a single, concise statement of who you are and what value you can bring to an employer. Think of this as a one sentence “elevator pitch” or tagline for you, the product you are selling.
      • Appendix Eight: Self-Positioning Statement
    • Now you can write your resume/CV. I’m not telling you how to write a resume or cover/intro letters as you can find tons of templates and advice on the web. Just make sure that your CV/resume “sells” who you are, what you are looking for, and why you are the right person for that opportunity. Do not hesitate to build and utilize multiple resumes that are adapted to/optimized for the various options you may be pursuing. However, you must insure that there are no inconsistencies between different versions of your resume. It is fine, and wise, to change emphasis on certain elements but don’t kid yourself, if you cheat or misrepresent yourself, you may well be caught.
      • Appendix Nine: Resume/CV
    • And then you create your reference guide. You will certainly be asked for references in any serious job search process. After you have gone through the above process, in multiple iterations, of introspection and self-assessment to arrive at a concise, tightly focused communication of who you are and what you have done, do you really want to simply trust that your referees will come up with the same message when they are contacted? Think about it… your referees are busy people and they do not have you and a reference for you top of mind. They want to help you but their minds are elsewhere. Give them a simple summary of how you are positioning yourself and the support points that document it. I know, it sounds presumptuous but I’ll show you how to create a simple document that 1) they will love you for and 2) will insure that they sell/support you in the fashion you want.
      • Appendix Ten: Reference Guide
    • Study the Tough Interview Questions. This is a pretty comprehensive list of questions and answers that you are likely to hear on your journey to Winning Your Next Job.
      • Appendix Eleven: Tough Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

I want you to have, absolutely free, a copy of Appendix Eleven, my list of the “Toughest Interview Questions and How to Answer Them”. Click the link below to get your free download. Thank you for your interest.

  • Finally, I’m sharing a list of questions that you may wish to ask of recruiters and interviewers to help you evaluate the job and the potential fit.
    • Appendix Twelve: Questions You May Want to Ask

Okay, now you have the Winning Your Next Job system outlined and ready to go. Dig into the attached appendices and templates. Don’t cut corners. Do your homework and go into the job search process fully prepared. You’ll be great.

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And, by the way, once you have “won” that next job, I’d love to hear from you, by email to info@winningyournextjob.com or blog post at https://winningyournextjob.com/blog/, about your experience, your successes, your learning experiences, and any suggestions to make the system more effective for everyone.

Good luck,